Bexley Restaurants & Bars Guide

C'est Si Bon Cafe

2258 E Main St
Bexley, OH 43209
If you're looking for a place in the Bexley area to pick up some fantastic crepes then you need to look no further than C'Est Si Bon Cafe. They have enormous crepes that will certainly leave you with a full stomach and a satisfied palate. Whether you are looking for a savory or a sweet crepe, you are sure to end up feeling fulfilled with what you get. Some of our favorite crepes are the club crepe, with turkey, ham, and bacon, on the savory side, and on the sweet side, you absolutely have to go with the "Lovely" which comes with Nutella, bananas, and strawberries with chocolate syrup and whip cream. Absolutely delectable!

Giuseppe's Ritrovo

2268 E Main St
Columbus, OH 43209
When you want to eat an Italian restaurant that is upscale but to too overly fancy, then you need to head to Giuseppe's Ritrovo on East Main Street. It is one of the most versatile fine Italian dining experiences that we have had in recent memory. You can really justify coming here for just about any occasion. Whether you are looking to impress that special someone, whether you're looking to meet up with that important business client, grab a nice meal with a friend, or enjoy a family dinner, Giuseppe's is a true marvel of quality meals in the Bexley area. You do not want to pass it up if you are a fan of Italian cuisine.

Piada Italian Street Food

2585 E Main St
Bexley, OH 43209
Also on main street, and also in the vein of Italian cooking, Piada Italian Street Food provides a more casual atmosphere and approach to their Italian cuisine. This is a great place to go to for a quick lunch or meet up with friends, or a nice meal during a break on work while you are by yourself. They offer amazing dishes prepared with only the most fresh ingredients that they can possibly get, and you will get your meal pretty fast! This is a much better alternative than going to a chain fast food restaurant that will not value your health or taste buds half as much.

Zoe Cafe

2376 E Main St
Columbus, OH 43209
Zoe Cafe is a rather simple restaurant. They have food that is simply cooked, but it is always fresh and always fun. Just because it's simply doesn't mean it's not delicious, either. We have had some of our favorite meals ever at Zoe Cafe. With delicious, remarkable wraps, home fries to die for, and a great cup of coffee, it's no wonder Zoe Cafe is one of the most beloved meet up spots in all of the Bexley area. They offer delicious sandwiches, soups, and baked goods that will keep your mouth watering for days.

Zencha Cafe & Tea

2396 E Main St
Columbus, OH 43209
A fantastic establishment that combines remarkable food, drinks, art, and health awareness all to one place, ZenCha Cafe & Tea is one of the most beloved and unique places in all of the Bexley area. They were established in 2002 and they have become the very first premier tea service in central Ohio. They have made it their goal to promote the appreciation and sharing of cultural commonality through tea, and they do a harmonious and spectacular job of promoting that dream! Heck, we're definitely sold!

Aab India

2400 E Main St
Columbus, OH 43209
Possibly some of the most fresh and delicious Indian food we have ever h ad, and certainly within the Bexley area, Aab India is the total package. They have incredible, always fresh food, as they are sure to locally source and import their spices from a trusted source in India, lovely and personably service, and a casual and relaxing atmosphere, Aab India is the pinnacle of a fantastic Indian restaurant. If you are craving saag paneer, chicken makhni, or and curry dish that you can set your mind to, then you need to look no further than Aab India.