Canal Winchester Restaurants & Bars Guide

Shade On The Canal

19 S High St
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Shade On The Canal is a remarkably tasty restaurant that specializes in fantastic American fare that you are sure to absolutely love. They have all sorts of dishes, all of which you are sure to absolutely adore. These items include things like mac and cheese, burgers, fries, mozzarella sticks, fish tacos, and so on. There are so many things to love about Shade on the Canal, but don't take our word for it -- find out for yourself!

Harvest Moon Cafe

7 N High St
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Specializing breakfast, lunch, and inner foods that are often heralded as a better alternative to the typical and less healthy fare that you might be used to, Harvest Moon Cafe is a spectacular example of what a restaurant should be. They focus heavily on all natural, healthy ingredients and locally source all of their ingredients whenever possible. They are sure to never use any heavy preservatives like nitrates and nitrites. You can be sure that everything get from from Harvest Moon Cafe is healthy and as fresh as possible!

Renaldi's Pizzeria

54 W Waterloo St
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
If you're looking for a fantastic pizza place that specializes in fantastic, fresh pizzas then you need to look no further than Renaldi's Pizzeria. They are one of the best and most beloved pizza restaurants in the Canal Winchester area, without a doubt. They make their doughs every morning, and they are sure to only use locally sourced and fresh ingredients such as sweet vine ripened tomatoes, 100% real cheeses shredded in house, quality seasoned meats, and hand cut veggies!

Canal Wigwam

4 S High St
Canal Winchester, OH 43100
Having been a staple in the Canal Winchester area since 1899 -- that's right, you read that right, Canal Wigwam is a beloved place in the area that specializes in serving breakfast, lunch, and brunch dishes. They are a great home style diner that is well known for their delicious food, comfortable and cozy atmosphere, and fantastic prices. Whether you're looking to enjoy a great meal or sit down for a cup of coffee, you are sure to love your experience at Canal Wigwam.

Val's of the Caribbean

6820 Refugee Rd
Canal Winchester, OH 43110

Sometimes you get a serious craving for some fantastic Caribbean food, but can't exactly afford a plane ticket to head over there. However, by heading over to Val's of the Caribbean you can get a great authentic Caribbean experience without the expensive plane ticket. They are a great family owned and operated establishment that offers fantastically friendly and personable service. They serve amazing food such as jerk chicken, cabbage, mac and cheese, and so on. If you love Caribbean food, or are looking to try something new, then you will love Val's of the Caribbean.

Dragon China

6410 Gender Rd
Canal Winchester, OH 43110
A staple in the Canal Winchester area since the mid 90's, Dragon China is pretty much the go to spot for people in the Canal Winchester area to grab a bite of delicious authentic Chinese food. They are decorated in a fantastic and charming way with a comfortable dining atmosphere. It is a great place to eat for all sorts of different occasions such as getting together for a nice lunch with friends, a dinner with your family, or a private party of all types. Dragon China is a frequently visited and one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in the whole area.