Columbus Bachelorette Party

Columbus is a great city for your bachelorette party. Thanks to the vibrant strip clubs and the highly professional private stripper companies, there’s everything a wild girl needs to throw a perfect Columbus bachelorette party. And for the calmer women among us, the restaurants and bars in Columbus are stunning. Whether you’re looking for one final blowout as a single woman, of if you simply want to spend some alone time with your girlfriends, Columbus is one of the nation’s top cities for a bachelorette party.

Strip Clubs

We all know bachelorettes love male strip clubs. Why shouldn’t they? What’s better than a night out with your girlfriends, marveling at some of the hottest men to walk the Earth? With a strip club, you also offer your single friends a great night out. While you may have found the man of your dreams, some of your girlfriends are far from it and will love the chance to ogle at some hunks on stage. Luckily, you’re never too far from a great strip club in Columbus. One of the city’s best is the Toolbox. Although it isn’t the most upscale strip club you can find, it’s certainly one of the most exciting. With all sorts of gorgeous men (jocks, bad boys, players etc.) and very friendly bartenders, the Toolbox is perfect for an intimate night out.

Private Venues and Dancers

On the other hand, having a bachelorette party in a private venue with private dancers is a great choice. Booking your own venue allows you to create the party you’ve always dreamed of. You can choose the ambiance you want to set — from some of the cozy venues in town like Graystone Wine Cellar to seriously upscale venues like the Columbus Athenaeum. Along with the type of dancers you want — from the hunks and gorgeous women at Strip to Please to the professional strippers at All American, and best of all, you’re throwing a party solely for you and the girls. No worrying about creepy men hitting on the bachelorette or her married friends, no worrying about the ridiculous drink prices at strip clubs and no worrying about whether the dancers were up to your taste.

Bars and Restaurants

If you’d rather have a causal night out with your bridesmaids, going to some of the numerous bars and restaurants in Columbus is a great idea for a bachelorette party. When you go with this route, you can spend some time with your girlfriends and get some serious conversations out of the way. Been dying to ask your friend for some marriage advice? Want to bring your mother along for the party? When you choose to visit an upscale restaurant for your bachelorette party, this is what you earn.

Party Buses and Limousines

With all these options Columbus has in the way of a night out on the town, why not see it all? With a limousine or party bus, you can lead your way through town, seeing everything you need to make your Columbus bachelorette party spectacular. Instead of a single meal at an expensive restaurant, you can take the whole group along for a bar crawl, a restaurant crawl or even a strip club crawl. Or, you can see them all! You can even bring your private dancers along with you in the party bus, making this a perfect mobile party venue. Whether you plan on setting the tone for a wild night of partying or if you would like to set the tone for an intimate, classy night out with your girlfriends, booking a party bus or limousine is a great way to make the most out of your Columbus bachelorette party.