Columbus Haunted Houses

Your time is coming soon. And by that we mean the witching hour. So, you are in search of one of the scariest haunted houses in the Columbus area and you are wondering what you need to be on the lookout for in order to be scared out of your mind. You are certain what you don't want and that is the normal cheesy community haunted house which provides a temporary adrenaline rush that sometimes is more laughable than scary. Well, you are in luck because there is an emerging breed of extreme haunted houses that focus on ways to make sure you are writhing in the fetal position by the end of your experience. The masterminds behind these extreme experiences are designers who understand how to include special effects, high-end equipment and 3D technology along with some physical contact to create what could best be described as bone chilling interactions. If this sounds right up your alley, then read on and we have included some advice in this guide as to what you should be looking for in order to have nightmares for the rest of your life.

First and foremost, look for a venue that is absolutely huge. You need to have an experience that lasts for longer than 5 minutes. In addition, try and find a place that has its own history which has been incorporated into the back story of the haunted house. For example, the building might be an abandoned meat packing plant where all of the meat packing equipment is still in place and where you are walked through the process which of course will include humans being butchered. Knowing that the building was actually used for a certain purpose that can be related to what you take in on your tour can give you a sense of reality that will heighten how you take everything in and how you react. DO some research either online or by talking to people that live in your area. Find out how realistic the props and characters involved are. This is very important because you want your experience to feel as real as possible. Some of the extreme venues provide what is called a safe word that you can scream out if things become too much for you to handle. Look for this because if there is a possibility of things getting so intense that you would have to use it, then this is the kind of place you are looking for.

Another aspect of your haunted experience that can be completely unnerving is having to go through your entire tour alone. There are places that force this to happen so if you are truly to take your fright to the next level, this option would be a good one. When you find yourself left in complete darkness for an inordinate amount of time, you won't be the same person that exits the experience. Did we mention having to sign a waiver? Find a place that requires you to sign a waiver before you enter. The existence of a waiver usually means one thing. Actions that would never be allowed in your normal haunted house will now be fair game. What are you allowing by signing? Usually everything from actors grabbing you, tying you up, stuffing you into a casket, putting a bag over your head, gagging you and basically all of the extreme physical contact and fake blood spattering that the staff can legally get away with. All of the above elements will have you doing one thing at some point of your experience: begging for mercy.