Franklin Restaurants & Bars Guide

Franklin Tavern

331 S Main St
Franklin, OH 45005
A fantastic place that many people in the Franklin area love to visit, Franklin Tavern is everything that you'd want in a social drink place. They have a great interior atmosphere, with delicious food and a remarkable selection of beers, wines, and drinks. You will want to keep coming back frequently to see what new beer selections they may have. The burger that they serve there is absolutely scrumptious, and you will find yourself thinking about it for days to come. Franklin Tavern is one of our favorite places to head to when we're looking for a good drink and a good burger.

Mom's Restaurant

1111 William C Good Blvd
Franklin, OH 45005
Sometimes you need to sit down and enjoy a nice, home made style meal from a great family owned and operated restaurant. Mom's Restaurant is about as authentic and homey as they come. From the very minute you walk through the door, they will treat you with a great amount of respect and happiness. You can count on feeling great throughout the entire experience. The restaurant is comfortable and clean, and the food is authentic and absolutely delicious. From the blueberry pancakes to the signature biscuits and gravy, you'll never have a problem finding something that you absolutely love at Mom's Restaurant.

Pisanello's Pizza

355 S Main St
Franklin, OH 45005
If you're looking for pizza in the Franklin area, then just about anyone who lives in the area will surely recommend Pisanello's Pizza to you, without a doubt. They are sure to use only the most fresh and quality ingredients, and they locally source whenever possible. They make all of their doughs from scratch every single day, so you can be sure that the pizza that you are eating will be delicious and fresh every time. In addition to remarkable pizzas, they also have absolutely to die for submarine sandwiches. No matter what mood you might be in, Pisanello's is a great option!

SG@75 Gastropub

75 N Main St
Springboro, OH 45066
A gastropub that is probably going to be one of the most fancy gastropubs that you have ever tried before, SG@75 is truly a unique experience, without a doubt. They bride themselves on serving mouthwatering masterpieces and they only utilize the most fresh ingredients that they can possibly find. each and every sandwich is made from scratch. They also have a fantastic rotating craft beer selection, as well as an impressive bourbon selection. If you're looking to enjoy a more healthy meal, then you can also enjoy a fantastic salad or a wrap! There's truly something for everyone at this eclectic Gastropub.

Hunter Cafe

4129-A State Rt 122
Franklin, OH 45005
(937) 514-6142
A beloved place in the Franklin area where you can enjoy a whole lot for not a whole lot of money, Hunter Cafe is guaranteed to become one of your new favorite places in the area. They put a great amount of passion and care into their food and the service that they provide, and their record really speaks for itself. They have tons of great special events and nights such as Ladies' Night, Gentlemen's Night, Karaoke Night, and more! There is always something fun going on at Hunter Cafe, that's for sure!


1350 E 2nd St
Franklin, OH 45005
If you 're looking for a fantastic place to pick up some delicious, authentic Mexican food, then you need to look no further than Cazadores on 2nd Street. They specialize in serving food that tastes like it is straight out of Mexico herself. They make sure to only use fresh and delicious ingredients that you will absolutely love. Everything about Cazadores is warm and comfortable, from the atmosphere with its fantastic and festive decor, their friendly and attentive wait staff, and of course their delicious and remarkable food. We particularly like their burritos and the enchiladas, but everything is great there!