Jackson Restaurants & Bars Guide

Arch & Eddies Gathering House

181 E Main St
Jackson, OH 45640
A fantastic big town restaurant located in a cozy small town, Arch & Eddie's Gathering House is one of the most popular places for people to head to in the Jackson area. They have fantastic food and a large, diverse menu, as well a fantastic service and amazingly affordable prices. You will love their craft beer selections, which features the largest list in the area. It's a place to stop in when you're looking for a great lunch or dinner. With their efforts to utilize only locally sourced ingredients when possible and unique, fantastic recipes, Arch & Eddie's will become one of your favorites!

Rowdy's Smokehouse

495 Ralph St
Jackson, OH 45640
A fantastic location that is extremely passionate about barbecue, Rowdy's Smokehouse prides themselves on service barbecue the old fashioned way. They take great pride in creating repeat customers with their fantastic recipes and methods which can not be beaten. The great cooks at Rowdy's Smokehouse have been barbequing for friends for their whole lives, and they have truly found their falling upon finding employment at Rowdy's Smokehouse. They serve fantastic, fall off the bone, ribs, chicken that will make your mouth water, and much, much more.

Corner Cafe

10 Athens St
Jackson, OH 45640
An eclectic small cafe that serves fantastic homemade meals, Corner Cafe might not look like a whole lot from the outside, but trust us when we say that it is one of the greatest places in all of the Jackson area to pick up a lunch on the way home, or when meeting up with friends. Their menu is rather simple, but boy do they know how to present it and serve it in the best ways possible. The folks at Corner Cafe really have a great passion for the food that they craft and the customers that they service, and that much is obvious each and every time you head there.

Tokyo Steakhouse

731 E Main St
Jackson, OH 45640
A beloved purveyor of authentic Japanese cuisine such as hibachi and sushi, Tokyo Steakhouse is a remarkable dining experience that is sure to impress just about anyone that is a fan of those styles of cuisine in the Jackson area. Their prices are fantastic, and their chefs are entertaining and extremely experienced. You will never have a meal that isn't absolutely spectacular at Tokyo Steakhouse. From amazing Chicken and Shrimp Hibachi, to the tuna and sweet potato sushi rolls, you will love your experience at Tokyo Steakhouse.

Cardo's Pizza

19 W South St
Jackson, OH 45640
If you ask just about anyone in the Jackson area what their favorite pizza place is, then you will have a hard time finding someone that doesn't resoundingly announce that it is, without a doubt, Jackson's own Cardo's Pizza. It is easy to see why once you head there, as well. They craft each and every pizza from scratch, from the doughs which have been prepared each and every morning, their locally sourced, fresh ingredients, and remarkable pizza making skills, the folks at Cardo's Pizza really have a technique that can only be sourced back to the old world way of doing things, and we can't help but appreciate it greatly!

Dakota's Roadhouse of Jackson

451 McCarty Ln
Jackson, OH 45640
Dakota's Roadhouse is a fantastic restaurant that has become a beloved staple in the Jackson area. They are inspired by the beautiful sights, rich history, and delicious cuisines of South Dakota. The owners of Dakota's Roadhouse were so inspired by their love of South Dakota that they opened up a fantastic restaurant in it's honor right in the heart of Jackson, Ohio. With juicy burgers, hand cut steaks, and tender BBQ Ribs, even the pickiest of eaters will be sure to find something that they can't stop talking about at Dakota's Roadhouse of Jackson!