Columbus Party Buses Frequently Asked Questions

Can I smoke on the bus?

No, we do not allow any smoking on our buses. However, your rental includes unlimited stops and mileage so you can make as many stops as you want! Just let the driver know if an when you need a break!

What's the longest I can rent a bus for?

There is no limit to how long you'd like to rent for! We operate 24/7 so whatever you have planned, you can count on Columbus Party Buses for whatever transportation you need!

Are there bathrooms on board your special vehicles?

No, we do not have bathrooms but what we will do is stop anywhere at any time. The cost of your rental includes unlimited stops and unlimited miles.

What happens if our group is having so much fun that we want to go over the amount of time we rented the vehicle for?

As long as the vehicle doesn't have to get back to the office to be prepped for another run, you can go into overtime at your orginal rate.


View common questions below or give us a call.

Yes, if you are of legal drinking age! Our vehicles all feature bar areas for chilling, mixing, and serving drinks! However, we do not provide alcohol.

No, we do not provide alcohol. However, if you are of legal drinking age you are permitted to bring your own alcohol onto the vehicles. The one thing that we like to say about our vehicles is that they are really the most awesome party on wheels. And being able to drink while on board is all part of having a blast as you travel from destination to destination.

No, never! We do not believe in this practice. We appreciate our customers and believe that our relationship with them should be based on trust. And in the end, we don't want our relationship to be a one and done type of transaction, building a relationship is our goal.

There are a number of reasons for this. But the main reason is that our prices are constantly changing and so what you see on the website might be meaningless. Your best option is to contact one of our friendly and courteous customer service agents as they will be able to give you the latest prices. They will also do their best to make sure you do everything possible to receive the greatest savings.

A limosuine is the classic style vehicle you are used to seeing. It provids the classic American boat ride and luxury everywhere you look. A party bus is much taller and allows for head room where you and your group can walk around the bus and have a drink or even dance on the special exotic wood flooring. The amenities that are installed in our party buses will absolutely blow you out of the water. You won't believe that you are in a moving vehicle.


Is it permissable to bring food on your vehicles?

Yes, of course, we encourage you to bring on board anything that will make you happy. There are counter areas where you can place your food. The only thing we ask is that you do reasonable clean-up when you are finished.

Will our chauffeur expect to receive a tip when our group exits the vehicle?

No, the bottom line price that you received from one of our customer service agents includes everything. If youreceive such great customer service from your driver that you wish to tip an additional amount, that would be up to you.

I am looking at organizing an event in the winter, will you be operating at that time?

Yes, we certainly will. We operate all year round because we want to make our wonderful service available to as many people as we possibly can at any time that it might be desired.

I want to rent a party bus for a holiday party - do you operate on holidays?

Yes! Columbus Party Buses is in operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year! Christmas parties? New Years Eve? St. Patrick's Day? We're here for you!

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