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There is something that you need to know. We operate based on what is known as a graduated pricing system. What this means is that we are very flexible with our pricing. If an outside factor might have an affect on our pricing, we are certainly willing to take that factor into account in terms of the prices we charge you. For instance, if the cost of fuel takes a nosedive, we are more than happy to pass the savings along to you. There is also another way you can save on one of our special vehicles. Timing is everything and if you can possibly have your event or plan your time out on a weekday, you will find the cost to be considerably less than a Friday night or a Saturday. Also, when you talk to one of our affable customer service agents, you can count on the fact that we will not oversell you on any of our vehicles. All we want to do is to fit you and your group to the perfect size vehicle.

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Our company is passionate about making sure that we make our services as reasonable as possible. There are several ways that you can save with us and your best bet in finding out how is to talk to one of our affable customer service agents.

Because we keep our prices competitive and up to date, and because so many things factor into pricing (vehicle, size of group, date of rental), we do not publish our rates on-line. However, if you give us a call we can give you an exact quote. Please have the following information on hand: date of event, time of pick up, location of pick up, vehicle desired, amount of passengers, and type of event. One of our agents will be happy to talk to you as long as needed to make sure you are going to be in the perfect vehicle.

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