Worthington Restaurants & Bars Guide

The Worthington Inn

649 High St
Worthington, OH 43085
Delightfully nestled in the heart of the old historic Old Worthington, The Worthington Inn is a fantastic restaurant with a great full bar, patio, and five elegant private dining rooms. They have extremely reasonable happy hour specials, where everyone is welcome to come and enjoy. They believe strongly in farm to table sourcing and they have a brilliant award winning menu that features local produce, meats, eggs, honey, liquor, and craft brews. It's a perfect place to host your rehearsal dinner, shower, wedding, corporate gathering, and beyond!

Yappy Greek

455 E Wilson Bridge Rd
Worthington, OH 43085
Specializing in fantastic Greek Food, Yappy Greek is one of the most popular lunch spots in all of Worthington. They also have a fantastic and diverse American deli as well. Each and every item on their menu is homemade and made from scratch. They believe in locally sourcing and ensuring that each and every meal that they serve is only made with the most fresh possible ingredients. They have great value and passion for the food that they prepare, the service that they provide, and the customers that frequent their establishment.

Cameron's American Bistro

2185 W Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH 43085
been open in the Worthington area for over twenty years now, the folks at Cameron's American Bistro have a pretty good idea of what their customers love, and they are happy to bring more of the same of their fantastic and beloved service. They feature familiar guest favorites, and are always innovating brand new meals that you are absolutely sure to love. This is all complemented by their expansive and award winning wine list which features all sorts of different remarkable wines from around the region and the world!

Pies & Pints

7227 N High St
Worthington, OH 43085
Pies & Pints promises to bring the two best things about restaurants to one place -- pizza and beer! This is pizza and beer done exactly right. They don't serve just your regular, average pizza though. They take what pizza could be and they take it to the max. They are sure to make their crusts from scratch and utilize only the most fresh and highest quality of ingredients. Each pizza that they assemble is unique, and they have some truly special and unique pizzas such as the Grape Pizza! You will love their collection of handcrafted beers as well.

Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza

5601 N High St
Worthington, OH 43085
A fantastic, intimate restaurant that features regular live music, Natalie's is a fantastic establishment that provides a dynamic atmosphere for both musicians and audience members alive. The offer a full service restaurant and bar, serving New York Style Pizza as well as several other classic favorites, and they also have great classic cocktails, fine wines, an the best local and regional craft beers around. Their music is presented on a specially designed stage with sound that is of the utmost quality, lights, and video. Natalie's is truly a class act!

The Whitney House

666 High St
Worthington, OH 43085
With a great passion for serving families and friends, The Whitney House is one of the most beloved gathering places in all of Worthington. Their menu is inspired by the old fashioned Sunday diners, where people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and creeds would come and catch up while enjoying a delicious meal together. They are located in the heart of downtown Worthington and serve homemade, made from scratch and rustic American comfort food that is guaranteed to delight even the most stubborn of palates!